Tony Hawk: Rad Science


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Thumbnail for - Tony Hawk: Rad Science What's going on during a kickflip on a skateboard? Where is the center of gravity of a skateboarder doing a manual? They may not even know it, but skateboarders have a deep understanding of physics. Drop into the world of the physics behind extreme sports at OMSI this spring at Tony Hawk | Rad Science. This interactive exhibition set in a realistic skatepark delves into the physical principles that you might not have thought about while watching your favorite extreme sports stars soar through the air, such as velocity, acceleration, inertia, balance, gravity, and force. It decodes the science of tricks, grinds, and turns, and lets visitors view extreme sports in a new way. Ultimately, it explains how a deeper understanding of physics can result in practical applications to enhance athletes techniques and performance.
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Event Organizer: OMSI
Every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 9:30am, from February 1, 2014 until May 4, 2014
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Portland, OR
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