Three Bogart Classics: The Big Sleep


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In this fast-paced criminal investigation, the who of the Whodunit proved as much a mystery itself! Director Howard Hawks became so flummoxed during filming, he sent a telegraph to author Raymond Chandler to inquire after the identity of the killer. Chandler's reponse? "Oh, I don't know."

Bogey continues with the fast-talking, hard drinking (and hard living), gruff, hardboiled detective he perfected. This time around, he plays Chandler's famed protaganist, Phillip Marlowe opposite Lauren Becall's Vivian.

Presented in lush 35mm as part of the Humphrey Bogart retrospective, individual tickets are $6, $9 for a double feature or. for those brave enough to try, see all three films for $12.

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November 30, 2012 at 9:15pm
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