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Profile Theatre’s mission is unique: choose one playwright per season and stage a series of his or her works. This season showcases Athol Fugard, the legendary South African playwright whose staunchly political works were a potent weapon in the fight against apartheid. 

The Road to Mecca, about a widowed sculptor who defies her neighbors’ pressure to abandon her eccentric works and move into a nursing home, seems much less political on the surface. But the apartheid it deals with is a creative one—the widow is kept separate from her community for her scorned artistic pursuit. The award-winning play’s “revelation is overwhelming,” according to the New York Times. The production will be Profile’s first to be directed by new artistic director Adriana Baer, who hails from San Francisco’s Cutting Ball Theater. What more fitting challenge for a new creative head than a play about the indomitable will to make art. 

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Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30pm, from January 9, 2013 until February 2, 2013
Every Sunday at 2pm, from January 9, 2013 until February 3, 2013
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