The Curious Chronicles of Daniel Candlewick


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Working out of St. Johns, the Castiron Carousel Marionette Troupe fabricates fantastical marionettes to put on puppet shows for adults—plays that explore dark themes in worlds ranging from Victorian sci-fi to macabre fairy tales. Under marionette maker Geahk Burchill’s meticulous hands, each puppet is fully articulated, hand-painted, and brought to life on elaborately small stages, embodying its own unique character—whether a Victorian madame whose dress hides mechanical spider legs or a 300-year-old pegged-leg pirate.


The company’s next show, The Curious Chronicles of Daniel Candlewick, is set in 1933 and features a young farmboy charged with helping his mother keep the family farm afloat. He is faced with a choice between picking apples for pennies, or a more lucrative, but perhaps dangerous, offer. When he enlists in an apprenticeship with mysterious recluse Dr. Hadrian, rumored to be the cause of the strange mechanical hybrid creatures roaming the countryside, strange things start to happen... 

Event Categories: Theater
Event Organizer: Action Adventure Theater
Every Sunday at 8pm, from March 9, 2014 until March 30, 2014
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1050 SE Clinton Street
Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 358-8646
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