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Shelly Short and the Sure Shots/Adam Seltzer Graphic Novel Release



Price: $12
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Shelley Short is backed by this dynamite five piece band, including members of the Decemberists and Norfolk & Western, as they perform the songs from their new record, Wake the Dreamers. A collection of covers ranging from the ‘50s to the modern day, the album was recorded in entirely live takes at Type Foundry Recording Studio. This is likely the only chance you’ll get to hear the band play this material.

Back in 2003, now-Alialujah Choir member and Type Foundry founder Adam Selzer was offered an opportunity to tour for seven weeks in Europe with a German rock band called Noise Toys. What he wasn’t told: Noise Toys were a Christian rock group connected with the German “Jesus Freaks” movement. Selzer is releasing a graphic novel, Ami Go Home, portraying the experience of playing acoustic folk music at dingy punk clubs and Christian festivals, and this release show will feature him reading from sections of the book projected on the big screen and performing songs as the narrative requires.

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November 1, 2013 at 8pm
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3000 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-719-6055
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