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Artists Repertory Theatre leads audiences astray from the straight-and-narrow spy story with this espionage farce à la The Man Who Knew Too Little—except in this ’50s-set lighthearted noir, directed by Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Christopher Liam Moore, our clueless hero is the Commie-hunting daughter of Joseph McCarthy.


Read our review: "Red Herring doesn't truly aspire to anything greater than light comedic fare. Even so, the play is too light, on both comedy and substance. Aside from some amusing noir nods and witty repartee, the show is funniest in scenes not central to the plot, skit-like divertissements featuring gimmicky characters: a city-hall marriage licensor full of divorce statistics; a worldy-wise, unrufflable bridal-shop proprietor. Back in the main action, Red Herring's humor consists of either tired, ball-and-chain-type jokes about marriage or gratingly exaggerated physical humor."


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Every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30pm, from February 12, 2013 until March 17, 2013
Every Sunday at 2pm, from February 12, 2013 until March 17, 2013
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