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The seventh year of Portland’s queer documentary festival kicks off at the Bagdad with I Am Divine, a portrait of the legendary drag queen Divine, the star of John Waters’s early movies—Pink Flamingos, Female Troubles, etc.—and one of the most fabulously transgressive performers to ever almost achieve mainstream acclaim. Director Jeffrey Schwarz will attend along with another cult star and Divine’s onstage nemesis, Mink Stole. The fest then returns to the Kennedy School to continue its lineup of documentaries exploring all things queer—it’s the only such festival in the country—including the James Franco–codirected Interior. Leather Bar, which split critics with its oh-so-postmodern narrative claiming to re-create the 40 minutes cut to please censors from 1980’s controversial Cruising, which starred Al Pacino.


Read our interview with Mink Stole about what it was like to work with Divine and John Waters, the one thing she wasn’t willing to do in the boundary-busting film Pink Flamingos, and the unexpected cult status  of the films.


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Daily at 10am, from May 16, 2013 until May 19, 2013
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