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Portland Women’s Film Festival, a celebration and exhibition of works by women filmmakers, both local and international, hosts it’s 7th consecutive year showcasing over 900 films March 6th–9th at the Hollywood Theatre.


The Mill Valley Film Festival Audience Award winning film Redemption Trail kicks off this year’s festival with local producer Lisa Naito and cinematographer Bradley Sellers representing Portland’s vibrant filmmaking community. This contemporary Western set in California wine country of all places tells the story two deeply troubled women are who thrown together and form an unlikely alliance. Together they muster the courage to reclaim their freedom and redemption wielding their own brand outlaw justice. Director Britta Sjogren will attend the showing along with members of the cast.


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Phone: 503-267-1126
Website: powfest.com
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Event Organizer: Hollywood Theatre
March 6, 2014 at 7:30pm
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