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Portland Women’s Film Festival, a celebration and exhibition of works by women filmmakers, both local and international, hosts it’s 7th consecutive year showcasing over 900 films March 6th–9th at the Hollywood Theatre.


When director Lori Petchers set out to film A Self–Made Man she enters the world of trans youth advocate Tony Ferraiolo. Petchers unveils her searching examination of what it means to be transgender through an intimate portrait of Ferraiolo’s life and youth advocacy, following him to schools where he guides kids and their families through the often confusing process of transitioning. Ferraiolo hangs out with kids, providing a safe space to question and be themselves without fear while he himself grapples with the complexities of his own life as a female–to–male transgender person. A Self-Made Man shows with short films  Practical Things and Memory of a Butterfly.


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Event Organizer: Hollywood Theatre
March 8, 2014 at 4:15pm
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