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PMOMA draws artwork from the domestic sphere and puts in in the gallery setting in Portland Collects: PMONA Presents work from Private Collections. In a city chock full of artists, collectors play an crucial role in supporting the creative community through art purchase and collecting. Taking sold pieces out of the homes they enliven and into the gallery setting, PMONA showcases a wide spectrum of work and emphasizes the significance of art commerce in a forum removed from commercial pressures. 


Artists include Manuel Izquierdo, Todd Haynes, John Fahey, Lucinda Parker, Sister Corita Kent, Howard Finster, Mose Tolliver, Sally Haley, Leroy Alman, Cynthia Star, Storm Tharpe, Terry Toedtemeier, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Vaginal Davis, Michael Hall, BF Pirkins, and Arthur Renquist and will be showing through February 7th at PMOMA. 

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January 11, 2014 at 8pm
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5202 N. Albina Ave
Portland, OR
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