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Monday generally feels like the day furthest from the weekend, but not this week. Over the last 19 years, Portland’s de facto house band, Pink Martini, has only grown in fame, spreading its joy de vivre around the globe with each high-energy, high-cheer show. But we have to admit, we’ve liked every successive album since the ’97 debut masterpiece, Sympathique, a little less than the previous album. Which is why we grew intrigued when we started to hear whispers that the new album, Get Happy, due out September 24, is the best since Sympathique. And the whispers proved true.


Being an album almost entirely of what Pink Martini does best—adapt the classics that bandleader Thomas Lauderdale unearths from the vaults of history—Get Happy goes back to the band’s roots, while also encompassing the far-flung musical family the band has assembled over the years (and songs from even further reaches of the globe). There’re cameos by Rufus Wainwright, NPR reporter and Portland native Ari Shapiro, Phyllis Diller, Philippe Katerine, the von Trapps grandchildren, and the chanteuse Meow Meow (see above), as well as both band divas, China Forbes and Storm Large. To celebrate, the band is throwing a free concert at Pioneer Square—the gloomiest day of the week—in order to invite you to get happy.

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September 16, 2013 at 6pm
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701 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-223-1613
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