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Paper Brain (with Wild Ones and Genders)



Age: All Ages Price: $7
Thumbnail for - Paper Brain (with Wild Ones and Genders) The sum of this local-pop bill is even greater than its pretty-great parts. If you haven’t heard headliner Wild Ones, you’re simply missing an integral part of Portland’s music scene. The quartet makes charming, danceable pop music featuring electronic elements and lovely, girlish vocals courtesy of singer Danielle Sullivan. Genders, too, has four members and a silver-throated female singer, but its pop sound is more ‘60s-reminiscent and has a complicated, rock-ish side. It’s this show’s opener, though, that’s the must-see. Paper Brain has been largely absent from the scene since putting out 2009 LP Ain’t Nobody Cares, but is now making a comeback with its outstanding EP Begin Again, a short-but-sweet showcase of the band’s pitch-perfect, psych-tinged pop sensibility.       

Listen to a track from Begin Again:

Phone: 503-248-2900
Website: backspace.bz
Event Categories: Concerts
January 26, 2013 at 8pm
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115 NW Fifth Ave
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-248-2900
Website: backspace.bz
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