Oscar Shorts '13: Live Action


Price: $6-9
Thumbnail for - Oscar Shorts '13: Live Action The Oscar-nominated live action short films up for an award and on view this month are:  Asad, the story of a Somali boy faced with the decision to fall into the pirate life or to become an honest fisherman; Buzkashi Boys, set in worn-torn Afghanistan, about a pair of best friends who face their futures against the backdrop of a brutal type of polo game called Buzkashi; Curfew, in which a young man's suicide is halted when his estranged sister calls on him for babysitting duty; Death of a Shadow, about a soldier who attempts to ransom his soul from Death in the hopes of returning to the woman he loved; and Henry, which tells of a concert pianist's struggle as he tries to piece together randomly happening events at the end of his life. "And the Oscar goes to…" View them all, then tune in and find out the winner!
Phone: 971-222-2010
Event Categories: Film
Daily at 2:05pm, from February 15, 2013 until February 20, 2013
Daily at 7:50pm, from February 15, 2013 until February 20, 2013
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