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Yale Union has one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in the city, which far too often goes underutilized. Its large rooms with vaulted ceilings, arching windows, and golden light practically cry for an artist of an appropriate caliber and ambition to fill them. This summer, we’ll get to see what that looks like with a commission of new works by the Glasgow artist Skaer, who will inhabit the gallery with site-specific sculptures made from approximately 25 tons of lithographic limestone.

A finalist for the UK’s most prestigious art award, the Turner Prize, Skaer has exhibited around the world, from the Venice and Berlin Biennials to the Centre Pompidou and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Working in sculpture, film, paint, and drawing, her incredibly eclectic projects have filled the Tate with drawings of a sperm whale skeleton—and the skeleton itself—created 26 slender sculptures from coal dust in the shape of Constantin Brancusi’s Bird in Space, and claimed to have left a live scorpion next to a real diamond on an Amsterdam street. We’re quite delighted, then, to ponder the question: what will she do with YU?
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Every Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 12pm, from July 19, 2013 until September 12, 2013
July 19, 2013 from 7pm to 9pm
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