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December is already the darkest time of the year, astronomically speaking—but for theater folks, the horizon looks particularly bleak, as Scrooge and the Mouse King stage a hostile takeover of the theater calendar. “When you talk to actors about what they’re doing at Christmas, they all go, ‘Ugh, I’m doing A Christmas Carol,’ or, ‘Oh God, I have to dance in The Nutcracker,’” sighs Bag&Baggage artistic director Scott Palmer. “One more adorable 7-year-old saying, ‘God bless us, every one,’ and I’m going to kill myself.” Palmer’s original adaptation of It’s a Wonderful Life is a metatheatrical critique of this winter hinterland, framing the holiday TV staple within a story about jaded voice actors in a 1940s radio production of Frank Capra’s Christmas classic.


"Bag&Baggage’s reworking of the beloved film doesn't exactly break new ground, but it's plenty entertaining for fans of the original." Read our full review.


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Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30pm, from November 29, 2013 until December 21, 2013
Every Sunday at 2pm, from November 29, 2013 until December 22, 2013
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