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Portland playwright and recent Oregon Book Award–winner Andrea Stolowitz’s drama about a woman returning home from duty in Afghanistan is both a powerful tale of friendship and duty, and a thorough examination of the isolation experienced by our veterans.

"Stolowitz's concept of telling Ithaka's modern-day story through the framework of Homer's epic poem is ingenious, turning what easily could have been a rerun after-school special into a resounding myth, at turns strange, comical, and frightening. The playwright, who won an Oregon Book Award this year for an earlier drama, Antarktikos, interviewed more than 20 veterans at the Portland Veterans' Center to make sure she got her portrayal of life in the military, and life post-military, right. At least to this civilian reviewer, Stolowitz's extensive research appears to have paid off; the play feels well informed, attentive to detail, and sophisticated in its depiction of vets." Read our full review.

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