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Price: $12-15, Thursdays pay-what-you-can
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In this dark comedy from the wordless, masked, Portland-based theatre company Wonderheads, a stubborn old granny is pitted against the ultimate foe: death himself. Featuring just two silent actors wearing striking full-face masks designed by Kate Braidwood, Grim and Fischer has garnered rave reviews from runs throughout North America since its original development in 2009—but it's never been performed for its hometown.

"Once grandma Fisher (Kate Braidwood) and Grim (her husband, Andrew Phoenix) took the stage, though, we knew we were in the company of skilled clowns. They wore large, beautifully-crafted masks, Grim’s balding and sneering and Fisher’s with an old-lady smirk, that gave them the proportions of animated characters, an illusion the two complimented with their exaggerated movements...Although the characters and the duo’s clowning were charming, the story felt like something we’ve seen before." Read our full review.


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Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8pm, from September 26, 2013 until October 5, 2013
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5340 N Interstate Ave.
Portland , OR
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