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Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis



Price: Free , Children are FREE
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"When illustrator Carson Ellis and musician-writer Colin Meloy began work on their fantastical young-adult trilogy, Wildwood Chronicles, the husband-and-wife duo traced Forest Park’s boundaries onto a large piece of paper and began to transform its sites into their own magical world. The Pittock Mansion became the dysfunctional government seat of South Wood. The Audubon Society became the Avian Principality. The zoo became a prison. And when the third and final novel, Wildwood Imperium, comes out on February 1, the creepy stone skeleton of a building along the Lower Macleay Trail will become the site of a Bloody Mary–style preteen ritual…."


Read our full story about Carson Ellis in preview of Wildwood Imperium view a slide show of her  fairytale locations alongside their real-world inspirations. 


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Event Organizer: Powell's Books
February 1, 2014 at 2pm
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