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Seventime Oregon Book Award finalist Brian Doyle is back with The Plover, a sea tale full of shimmering, piquant language, including run-on sentences worthy of Faulkner, like this one—edited for, um, brevity:


“A fishing boat like the Plover, originally designed for a crew of two ... is sparse with space even with an orthodox complement of crew, so you can imagine the press and bumble of a crew of six, one of whom is enormous, four of whom are men of substantial sinew ... and this is not even to count the gull and the warbler, who do not take up much space and are able to vacate the premises temporarily if need be; nor do we count the albatross, who, floating effortlessly nine feet over the stern, is not technically aboard the boat; nor are we counting the many small passengers on the hull and anchor and rudder, among which we find barnacles, algae ... and a flourishing village of mussels (tiny for the moment, but ambitious); a rough count of the passenger manifest, if we were being thorough, would be a thousand, ranging in size from Taromauri to an infinitesimal acorn barnacle, just born as this sentence began, and no bigger than the period which is about to arrive, here.”


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April 8, 2014 at 7:30pm
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