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The penultimate production in Profile Theatre’s season-long survey of South African playwright and anti-apartheid activist Athol Fugard’s oeuvre, Blood Knot is the story of two half-brothers—one light-skinned, the other not—living in a Port Elizabeth black shantytown and struggling against their society’s all-permeating racism.


Read our review: "Athol Fugard’s 1961 play, Blood Knot, was so controversial in his native South Africa that, after a single performance, authorities arrested its two interracial actors, banned the play, and passed censorship laws prohibiting racially mixed casts and audiences. After its 1967 premiere on British television, they revoked Fugard’s passport and subjected him to frequent interrogation, backing down only after four years of public petition. After seeing Profile Theatre’s intimate, intense production, it’s easy to imagine why. Still potent today, the play was no doubt like tearing atoms during the height of apartheid..."


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Every Sunday at 2pm, from March 3, 2013 until March 17, 2013
Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30pm, from March 8, 2013 until March 16, 2013
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