100 x 100: A Fundraiser for Plazm's Josh Berger



Price: $100
Thumbnail for - 100 x 100: A Fundraiser for Plazm's Josh Berger Plazm magazine art director & Liquid Agency creative director Joshua Berger was in a serious bicycle accident last May, and sustained a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). PICA & friends of Josh are bringing folks together for an art dash, music, & general festive goodness on the afternoon of Sunday, February 24 at PICA's space in downtown Portland. Music by Sam Coomes (Quasi), Ray Reposa (Castanets), e*rock, and more.

Josh continues to recover, and his progress is moving right along. He has just started working ten hours a week and even—wait for it—has doctor's approval to ride his bike. His family has received incredible support of all kinds from friends, family, and community, but they've experienced medical expenses and a significant loss of income.

Instead of an art auction, there's an art dash. Buy your $100 ticket here, print it out, and you will walk out with artwork. If you can't be present in person, PICA will appoint someone to dash for your art on your behalf (please email melissa @ meldel.com ASAP in that case).

Your $100 ticket includes entrance to the show. People wanting to attend without buying art can donate at the door (suggested sliding scale $10-20).
Phone: 503-242-1419
Event Categories: Charity Events
February 24, 2013 at 3pm
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224 NW 13th Ave, Suite 305
Portland, OR
Phone: 503.242.1419
Website: pica.org
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