SE Division Street | From 20th to 50th Avenues

Median home price
Average days on market
Inventory supply*
0.6 months

Division Street residents don’t have to do the dishes as often as the rest of us. With more than 40 restaurants—among them standouts like Pok Pok, Xico, and Ava Gene’s—lining the walkable blocks between 20th and 50th Avenues, residents here could eat out every night for a month without repeating restaurants. The street’s explosion as a foodie nexus, though, is a fairly recent one. It’s been nearly 40 years since then-mayor Neil Goldschmidt and neighborhood residents quashed Robert Moses’s Mount Hood Freeway Plan—which would have paved an eight-lane freeway to the popular peak between SE Division and Clinton Streets. Still, for decades, the commercial district lumbered under the plan’s legacy of restrictive zoning. Then, in 2006, the city rezoned the area neighborhood commercial and mixed-use, helping shops and restaurants sprout anew. Designating Division as a “Main Street” brought frequent-service transit lines (the no. 4 bus comes at least every 15 minutes) and, in an influx of city and federal funds—close to $2.5 million—to help pretty up the streets (think repaving, public art). And then Pok Pok exploded onto the national scene, sparking a chain of culinary development unlike anywhere else in the city. Exhibits A through G: the Woodsman, Cibo, Bar Avignon, Victory, Sunshine Tavern, the Whiskey Soda Lounge, and pie master Lauretta Jean’s. As a result, buying here today is tough, with median home prices soaring over $330,000, and an average time on the market that’s roughly half that of the rest of the city. But a spate of new apartments opening up (See “Kings of Division,” right) makes renting a potential option. Either way, just remember a move here probably means a larger dining budget and a stiffer exercise routine. 

Living Here

Where you shop: The Woodsman Market (right) and New Seasons

Morning buzz: The original 1999 Stumptown location

Date night: Ava Gene’s (see Italy, Rocking)

For the dogs: Sewallcrest Park 

Commute time**: 20 minutes on bus no. 4 

Walkability score: 77

Schools: Abernethy | Hosford | Cleveland

Coming soon: Pok Pok owner Andy Ricker’s new noodle house, spring 2013


* Inventory supply figures provided by Keller William's Nick Krautter, based on the previous six months of sales.

** All commute times listed are via mass transit to Pioneer Courthouse Square.