HOW TO: Tool Up

 Four gadgets to take your kitchen to the next level



 Salt Grater

These may not have any true culinary advantage, but they are undeniably cool. And when you grate a huge pink rock of salt over your guests’ food at the table, it’s simply inconceivable that they won’t be impressed.



 Peugeot Pepper Mill

Every pepper mill releases flavor from peppercorns differently. Peugeot’s wooden mills are mechanically sound, long-lasting, and perfectly adjustable—Mark Bitterman calls them “a badass mechanism for grinding pepper.”


 Mortar & Pestle

Nothing can bring out the oils and aromas from spices quite like a mortar and pestle. And the traditional granite Vietnamese versions will last forever, allowing you to pulverize your spices like
none other.




Pour Spouts 


This is the easiest—and cheapest—way to streamline your cooking: simply top your bottles of olive oil with pour spouts for clean, measured drizzling. You’ll never go back.