How to build the ultimate Portland charcuterie plate


1. Hot Spicy Pickles

(Duker’s Dills)

These snappy gherkin cukes, mixed with fiery whole chile peppers, dill, and garlic, go just as well in a Bloody Mary as on your charcuterie plate.

2. Sourdough Grissini

(Skin and Bones)

This maverick bistro’s take on traditional Italian hand-rolled bread sticks brings unique sour notes to the plate—not to mention a fantastic crunch.

3. Tartufo

(Fino in Fondo)

From McMinnville’s masters of authentic Italian salumi come these hunks of indulgence, aged for three months. Slice thin to reveal musky Umbrian black truffles.

4. Porkstrami 

(Tails and Trotters)

It might not technically be charcuterie, but we can’t resist this “pork brisket,” brined, rubbed with pepper and coriander, then smoked. It may be the best sandwich meat money can buy—and it’s a thriller on a plate.

5. Whole-Grain Brown Mustard 

(Schmahl’s Mustard)

The local mustard-maker spikes its whole-grain seeds with Upright Brewing’s Dark #6 Rye beer, giving it a depth and richness that elevates these fatty meats.

6. Saucisson D’Arles

(Olympic Provisions)

This purist’s salami is made only with pork and salt, lusciously unadulterated to allow Oregon’s porcine terroir to shine through.  

7. Balsamic Fresh Fig Jam

(Three Little Figs)

Made with fresh kadota figs and a hit of rosemary, this small-batch jam packs a fruity punch with sweet, sour, and herbal notes. 

8. Bourbon Chicken-Liver Mousse 

(Chop Butchery & Charcuterie)

With an addictive infusion of mascarpone, this super-smooth mousse is blended with apple, curry, bourbon, onion, garlic, and bacon. 



These farmers market birds aren’t your everyday supermarket roasters. Exposed to the elements year-round and nourished by bugs and grubs, heritage breeds have a deep, succulent flavor that makes average poultry pale by comparison.

Pine Mountain Ranch

(PSU, Beaverton, Hollywood, St. Johns, Hillsdale, Nike, Milwaukie, King)

This wild game preserve in Bend offers a variety of poultry and a slew of heritage birds, from turkeys to guinea fowl, ducks, and geese. 

Dancing Chicken Farm

(PSU, King, Lake Oswego, Shemanski)

Dancing Chicken’s products run the gamut of eggs, quail, game hens, and turkeys, with heritage breeds like Buff Orpington and Barred Rock striding about their southern Washington farm. 

Deck Family Farm

(PSU, Hollywood, St. Johns, Montavilla, Woodstock, King)

Based in Junction City, this full-scale farm raises old-world Cornish Cross chickens and broad-breasted, bronze, and white turkeys.

Champoeg Farm


In addition to Thanksgiving turkeys, farmer Mark Anderson raises heritage-breed laying hens that produce irresistible, nutrient-rich eggs in a full spectrum of sizes and colors.