Seasonal juices by Portland Juice Press.
Seasonal juices by Portland Juice Press.

Thanksgiving has come and gone in a wave of overindulgence, and the tryptophan has worn off just enough for you to drag yourself to the gym.  On your way home, however, cheery carols herald the arrival of sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, eggnog cheesecake, and holiday sweets of all kinds. You celebrate your successful hour of exercise with 70 grams of sugar wrapped in a large candy cane mocha. Tis the season!

Sound a bit too familiar? Detox from the feasting frenzy with a colorful cleanse from one of Portland’s locally owned juice bars.

For three days (or more, if you’re up for it), you’ll wake up to five bottles of freshly pressed fruits and veggies and one bottle of creamy nut milk. With your meals for the day already prepared, you’ll have plenty of time for work, holiday shopping, or whatever else your healthy heart desires. Meanwhile, the nutrient-packed juices will go to work, letting your digestive system relax as they supply your body with vitamins, enzymes, and healthy fats while allegedly purging your body of toxins.  

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that a liquid diet isn’t suitable for everyone, even on a temporary basis. And some potential juicers may balk at the recent slew of articles debating the benefits of juice cleansing. But if you’re up for the challenge, two local companies would be happy to help you get ready for round two of holiday feasting. 

A day of juice from Kure Juice Bar.
A day of juice from Kure Juice Bar.

Kure Juice Bar

The Deal: 3 day cleanse for $115 pick-up or $135 delivered.

Kure Juice Bar’s three day cleanse includes fifteen 16-oz juices, 3 cashew nut milks, a pack of coconut oil, and nine bags of organic yerbe mate tea.

The bottles of juice are numbered in the suggested order of consumption, with the order changing each day to keep things interesting. Many of the juices are crisp, savory, and verdant. “Greens #2,” for instance, is made with lime, cilantro, apple, kale, jalapeno, romaine, and cucumber, and tastes like a leafy salad with a spicy kick—in the best possible way. The green juice is contrasted by sweet concoctions like the “Love Potion,” the freshest strawberry juice you’ll ever drink, enhanced with orange, ginger, lime, and apple.

A day's worth of juice provide about 1500 calories; the cashew milk, which blends cashews with maple syrup, filtered water and cinnamon, provides the majority of the caloric content, so you may want to stretch that out over the course of the day. If you’re still hungry after all your juice bottles are empty, don’t worry—Kure encourages you to supplement with green tea, bone or vegetable broth, or additional organic juices. They also recommend adding a bit of coconut oil to each juice to enhance micronutrient absorption, and turning one of your juices into a fiber-packed green smoothie by adding fresh kale. And don’t forget to drink your 160 ounces of water! 

A standard cleanse from Portland Juice Press.
A standard cleanse from Portland Juice Press.

Portland Juice Press

The Deal: 3 day cleanse for $165. 4- 6 day cleanse also available. Free delivery to your door by 8 am.

Each day of Portland Juice Press’ standard cleanse includes five fresh juices with Sanskrit-inspired names like “Dharma,” “Prana,” and “Guru.” Each juice features different key ingredients, from the Guru’s beets to the Dharma 2’s pineapple to the Mantra’s carrots, bell pepper, and cayenne. The package also includes a daily bottle of “Om,” milk made from cinnamon, dates, water, and fresh hazelnuts. (If you’re into cinnamon, the Om is a bottle of nourishing nirvana.) Again, the nut milk provides the majority of the day’s calories (1200/day, in this case), so you may want to save some for dinner.

Portland Juice Press also allows juicers to swap any standard juice with one of their seasonal flavors. This winter’s offerings include multiple can’t-miss blends, including a heavenly ginger-honey lemonade and an indulgent almond milk made with vanilla bean, raw cacao, and sea salt. There are also a number of intriguingly unorthodox sweet-savory blends, like sweet potato-carrot-apple-cinnamon and bell pepper-pineapple-celery-lime-jalapeno. (The latter tastes exactly like a sweet and sour stir fry in liquid form—not necessary in a bad way.) Customizing your cleanse allows you to avoid any unwanted flavors. After all, when all you’re drinking is juice, you need to be able to stomach it! 

So what do you think? Will you be juicing this month? Do you have a personal holiday cleanse? Let us know your thoughts (and favorite flavors) in the comments below. 

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