In the October issue of Portland Monthly, readers will:

◊ Sip your way through Oregon’s 50 best wines, selected by Portland’s savviest wine experts.

← Meet Portland’s top urban winemakers, who are reinventing wine country in gritty industrial spaces with not a vine in sight.

◊ Pop into Holdfast Dining, a one-man operation with a pop-up vision of high-end eating.

◊ Fry up Pok Pok’s famous wings in the comfort of your own kitchen.

◊ Stroll through Old Salt Marketplace, Portland’s Circus Maximus for food lovers.

◊ Receive the gospel of Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, an innovative local cidery with a body of believers.

◊ Indulge in a “grown-ass” Brandy Alexander Milkshake and three other local brandy-powered cocktails.

◊ Learn how Lisa Sedlar aims to invent a new type of convenience store with the opening of Green Zebra Market.