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Image: Kate Madden


4804 SE Woodstock Blvd; 503-568-0787
Woodstock neighborhood breakfast bastion Toast recently opened a cart satellite dedicated solely to the art of the breakfast sammies. The masterpiece? The Brother Bad Ass, a slab of maple-glazed Sweet Briar Farms pork belly, Beecher’s cheddar, Dijon-doused lettuce, and two perfect over-medium eggs—all snuggling within a salt-topped pretzel roll from Little T American Baker. Consider us collectors. —KC

Lovejoy Bakers

939 NW 10th Ave;
The lowly egg sandwich gets a highbrow spin at Lovejoy Bakers, where an over-medium egg is paired with a creamy spread of Bleu d’Auvergne cheese and two strips of thick bacon, topped with a refreshing tangle of tarragon and frisée. All this, cradled between lightly buttered ciabatta buns. Parfait. —RR


Multiple locations;
Some mornings demand a simple, steaming bundle of fried egg, melted cheese, and sausage. For these days, there is Bunk. Co-owner Tommy Habetz considers the breakfast sandwich to be the foundation of his mini-empire, built on a poppy-seed “hard roll” developed by Fleur de Lis Bakery for Bunk. The proof is in the production: Portlanders scoff some 700 to 1,000 of these bad boys a week.


5507 NE 30th Ave;
At first glance, Autentica’s torta con huevo frita (fried egg, avocado, cabbage, and pickled jalapeño) seems a little, well, light. But then you sink your incisors into the bread: telera, a savory, soft, traditional Mexican roll. Pillowy on top and toasted on the inside, it’ll fill you up without requiring you to loosen the old belt. —KC

Flavour Spot

Multiple locations;
The “No.1,” as it reads on this food cart’s menu, is the ultimate grub-on-the-go breakfast sandwich. A fluffy, folded waffle smeared with organic maple spread embraces patties of rich, spiced pork sausage. It’s sweet, savory, and under five dollars … which doesn’t necessarily give you license eat it every day. —BT