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Listing 2731 - 2740 of 2930 Results
Thumbnail for - Shaky Ground
May 19, 2009
When a fine dining establishment called Terroir opens three blocks north of a Popeye's, it's got a lot to live up to. Or does it?
Thumbnail for - Nutshell
May 19, 2009
When you sit down to a meal at this sparse but charming veg-friendly restaurant in North Portland, and your waiter commences explaining the “bread, olive oil and salt bar menu,” you’ll quickly...
Thumbnail for - Broder
May 19, 2009
To satisfy a Swedish meatball craving, you could drive out to the blue-and-yellow home warehouse known as Ikea, run through a hamster-track maze of aisles and eventually locate the hot-food line at...
Thumbnail for - Tailored Tapas
May 19, 2009
TAPAS MENUS, BY DESIGN, are destined to please just about any gastronome. Why? Because they offer a uniquely broad array of choices that give you a strong sense of control when it comes to your...
Thumbnail for - Little Red Bike Café
May 19, 2009
WITH PORTLAND’S ROADS increasingly crowded by an army of pedaling commuters, couriers and leisure cyclists, it was only a matter of time before the drive-thru became a bike-thru. One of the city’s...
Thumbnail for - Soon Doobu at Toji Korean Grill House
May 19, 2009
FORGET EVERYTHING you think you know about tofu—unless you already know that tofu can, when prepared right, be silky and luscious and light enough to melt on your tongue. That trick is precisely...
Thumbnail for - Sel Gris
May 19, 2009
ITS NAME TRANSLATES to “gray salt,” and, yes, the walls of this relatively new restaurant on SE Hawthorne Blvd are also gray, but Sel Gris is anything but dreary or drab. In fact, the warm...
Thumbnail for - Hello, Good Pie
May 19, 2009
Relinquish your holiday pie-making duties to these five bakeries.
Thumbnail for - Clearing the Bar
May 19, 2009
GO AHEAD AND EAT IT—or more exotically, sip it—but don’t say you weren’t warned. Because once you’ve tasted the otherworldly chocolate offerings at Cacao, there’s no going back to those...
Thumbnail for - Strong Brew
May 19, 2009
Traditional kombucha tea promises long life; when it’s bottled by Tazo’s co-founder, it tastes good, too.
Listing 2731 - 2740 of 2930 Results