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Thumbnail for - Hammer and Pickle
Jun 28, 2011
If you’ve been a reader of Eat Beat for any time at all, you’ll no doubt know that we LOVE us some food puns (see: The Dawning of the Age of Asparagus, Planet of the Crepes, KIN-dred Spirits...
Thumbnail for - Inside the Bent Brick
Jun 27, 2011
What do you get when you combine the Portland-centric food ethos of chef Scott Dolich and the words "neighborhood tavern"? There’s the expected—great ambiance, local ingredients, top-notch drink...
Thumbnail for - Beer Meets Grill
Jun 24, 2011
Because fine food and craft beer constitute the latest culinary dream team, we asked three local brewers to share their favorite BBQ recipes—and explain which summer brew will best accompany their...
Thumbnail for - In the Kitchen with Aaron Woo
Jun 24, 2011
Just watch. You too can find the finesse to fashion a frittata.
Thumbnail for - Ice Cream Churn-a-ment
Jun 24, 2011
What could be more fun than watching some of Portland’s top chefs furiously churning an old-fashioned ice cream maker filled with their gourmet interpretations of Oregon’s favorite dessert?...
Thumbnail for - Squash-Buckler
Jun 24, 2011
Chef Aaron Woo from Natural Selection has a bounty of ideas for summer squash.
Thumbnail for - Heavens to Burgatroyd!
Jun 22, 2011
I know what you’re thinking. Another burger cart? When will the ground-round revolution end? Much as I hesitate to write even one more word on Portland’s burgeoning burger scene, this one...
Thumbnail for - Wild Goose Farm: Hot Homestead Feasts
Jun 22, 2011
Last Sunday afternoon, 60 food lovers, families, a posse of French-speaking oenophiles, and a flock of L.A. refugees convened at long tables set with white linen, big white Ikea plates, bursting...
Thumbnail for - Get Down to Brass Tacks
Jun 22, 2011
While North Williams and North Vancouver Avenues have a lot in common—both are one-way streets with tons of bike traffic in the eternally "up-and-coming" North Portland—the latter has seen only a...
Thumbnail for - Bluehour Hires Spago Alum Thomas Boyce
Jun 22, 2011
Since arriving in Portland last summer with his baker-star wife Kim Boyce and an impressive resume from L.A.‘s famed Spago, local food watchers have waiting for Thomas Boyce to make his move. And...
Listing 2211 - 2220 of 3093 Results