Toro Bravo
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$20 (feeds 2)

Toro Bravo

120 NE Russell St, 503-281-4464, torobravopdx.com
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Radicchio salad $8
Smoked pork-shoulder sandwich with aioli and celery root slaw $8
Braised torpedo onions with salbitxada $4
Total (feeds 2) $20

Given the vast selection of small plates at this buzzing tapas place, staying disciplined can be challenging. Focus on a generous combination of earthy green olives, tangy manchego, and radicchio; an improbably tall smoked pork-shoulder sandwich that almost dissolves into one big flavor hit of pork; and a fat-cutting side of braised torpedo onions with Spanish romesco.

Podnah’s Pit

1469 NE Prescott St, 503-281-3700, podnahspit.com
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Frito pie $4.50
Sliced brisket sandwich $8.75
Side of cornbread $2.25
Pecan pie $4.25
Total (feeds 1–2) $19.75

Just give in to this atmosphere-free dive and gobble up the concoction of corn chips, chili, and cheese served on a Fritos bag that’s been gently folded open. It’s a lot to handle, but save room for the ridiculously tender brisket sandwich, a side of cornbread, and a little bowl of greens—which is there to cancel out the effects of a sweet pecan pie.


10 NE 28th Ave, 503-232-3555
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Greens $10
Bread $1
Crab cakes $8
Total (feeds 1–2) $19

Commence your meal modestly at this reliably wonderful restaurant with a heaping pile of garlicky braised chard and a side of country bread from Ken’s Artisan Bakery. Finish with luxury: a small ration of Navarre’s decadent crab cakes.

Du Kuh Bee

12590 SW First St, Beaverton
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Squid Noodles $14
Korean BBQ beef ribs $8
Kimchi Free
Total (feeds 2) $22

OK, we lied. This meal breaks the $20 budget, but it’s worth every penny. No two of Du Kuh Bee’s rustic hand-cut wheat noodles, pleasantly chewy and pencil-thick, are alike. Try them tossed with chunks of tender squid and an order of candy-sweet Korean barbecued beef ribs served on a bed of grilled onions. And for your post-boozing satisfaction, Du Kuh Bee serves these edible delights until 1 a.m. on the weekends.