In late 2008, a gritty east-side shop called Bunk launched Portland’s sandwich revolution with one devastating pork-belly Cubano. Six years later, it seems everyone is transforming handcrafted credos into soul-warming (some might say life-changing?) surprises. What follows is a style guide to Portland’s sandwich state of mind, from exacting breads and wild condiments to banishing the rule book altogether.

Bread: Elementary Rules of Usage
Artisan bakery loaves, custom-ordered rolls, and an “I Baked It My Way” mind-set aren’t merely options in Portland. They’re the law. 

A Few Matters of Meat
Portland meats are serious business: smoked, brined, and charcuterized. (They don’t call us Porkland for nothing.) 

The Art of Rule-Breaking
The coup de grace on a true, Stumptown-style sandwich? A renegade cry of "Anything goes!" 

An Approach to Codimentia
To cut the mustard in Pickle Town, it is advisable to craft your own artisan extras.

Notes on Obsession
Passion unbound, no apologies: that’s the secret ingredient to sandwich happiness.

Five local discoveries offer novel definitions of what a burger can be.


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