Rating 90


Luminous Hills

2009 Pinot Noir Lux Estate Yamhill-Carlton, $35

With only 147 cases produced, this wine highlights the best vines of the Luminous Hills vineyard. Heady with scents of raspberry, dry earth, and dried plum, this seductive pinot noir offers strong tannins and bright acidity for a powerful yet balanced glass.



2008 Pinot Noir Guadalupe Vineyard Dundee Hills, $28

This budget-friendly wine provides full-bodied flavors and a long finish, bursting with notes of strawberry, cherry, smoky spices, and cedar. Combining juicy flavors and outstanding value, this is a great choice for a potluck dinner or housewarming gift.


Et Fille

2008 Pinot Noir Nicholas Vineyard Chehalem Mountains, $34

Howard Mozeico and Jessica Mozeico-Blair—the father-daughter team behind Et Fille—make full-bodied pinot noir rich with earthy flavors that will pair well with lamb, mushrooms, and a wide variety of herbs. Notes of plum, smoked wood, and bright red cherries linger along with the bold texture.


Cristom vineyards

2008 Pinot Noir Jessie Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills, $50

This gently oaked pinot noir was made with Old World techniques such as wild yeast fermentation and minimal handling. Scents of spices, dried cherries, and leather make the unfiltered wine full-bodied and mature, while its earthiness and strong tannins will blossom after several years in the cellar.


Sokol Blosser

2008 Pinot Noir Dundee Hills, $38

Sokol Blosser's 2008 offering is distinctive for its strong aromatics, rich flavors of black cherries and baker's chocolate, and long finish. Soft tannins and a refreshing lightness make this an easy-drinking wine that will continue to develop for at least 10 years.


Soter Vineyards

2009 Pinot Noir North Valley Willamette Valley, $30

Crafted from a diverse selection of grapes throughout the north Willamette Valley, this wine reveals winemaker James Cahill's focus on regional representation and sustainable farming. Flavors of tart pie cherries; a candied, bright style; and a super-clean finish place it on the lighter side of the pinot noir spectrum, which makes it a great pairing for fresh, spicy foods.


Willamette Valley Vineyards

2008 Pinot Noir Tualatin Estate Willamette Valley, $45

Made with fruit from the exclusive Tualatin Estate Vineyard, founded in 1973, this earthy wine shines with sweet, candied-fruit flavors of blackberry, cherry, and vanilla. Generous tannins, balanced minerality, and a smooth finish make this a bottle for deep contemplation and richer food pairings.

Rating 89


Bergström Wines

2009 Pinot Noir Bergström Vineyard Dundee Hills, $78

Sourced from 13 select acres in the Dundee Hills, this meaty wine is rich, dark, and full-bodied. Juicy flavors of cherries, espresso, raspberries, and caramel blend with gentle acids and satiny tannins to produce a structured wine with a sweet finish.


Daedalus Cellars

2008 Pinot Noir Labyrinth Dundee Hills, $45

This delicate, floral wine combines juicy flavors and a medium-bodied, silky texture for a very drinkable vintage. Using a blend of grapes from Heron, Thistle, Maresh, and Murto vineyards, winemaker Aron Hess carefully selects the best barrels in the cellar to make this delicious wine.


Bethel Heights Vineyard

2008 Pinot Noir Justice Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills, $50

The Justice Vineyard is an Oregon Certified Sustainable wine, ensuring responsible growing and winemaking practices. This 2008 vintage's cherry fruit, soft tannins, and fresh acidity balance out floral notes and deeper aromatics of leather and earth. Juicy and bright, this is a pretty glass for easy sipping.



2009 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, $22

This vibrant winery celebrates the dedication and passion of its late founder, Jimi Brooks, by producing high-quality biodynamic estate wines with heart. Blended from various pinot noir clones from throughout the Willamette Valley, this wine is deeply structured yet eminently drinkable, with flavors of coffee, caramel, earth, and ripe raspberry.


Ardiri winery & Vineyards

2009 Pinot Noir Vineyard Select Estate Grown Chehalem Mountains, $45

Fruit for this estate pinot noir was hand-selected, hand-sorted, and cold-soaked by winemaker John Compagno in open stainless steel fermentation tanks to extract maximum color and flavor. Rich with oak notes, candied red fruit, and complex cola flavors, the results are robust yet balanced.

Rating 88


Luminous Hills

2009 Pinot Noir Astra Estate Yamhill-Carlton, $35

Winemaker Byron Dooley's Astra uses a higher percentage of "whole cluster fermentation" than its sister wine from the Lux estate, which means brighter fruit flavors and an added spiciness. Emitting the aroma of dried flowers, herbs, and raspberries, this wine has enough tannic structure to develop for several years.



2007 Pinot Noir Guadalupe Vineyard Dundee Hills, $26

Bright flavors of cherry, strawberry, and a hint of cedar round out a beautiful wine harvested in the midst of October rainstorms. Made with grapes from a single old-vine vineyard on the west slope of the Dundee Hills, this wine shows the talent and perseverance of winegrowers in a tough year. Discover the difference a year can make: grab a bottle of the 2008 Guadalupe Vineyard for your own at-home vertical tasting.


Bethel Heights Vineyard

2008 Pinot Noir Casteel Reserve Eola-Amity Hills, $60

Fully destemming the grapes before fermentation (stems mean strong tannins) lent great fruit concentration to the finished product of this ripe, lush pinot noir. A mild, bright, and easy-drinking wine, this will be delicious with hearty fall dishes like root vegetable stews and braised lamb.



2009 Pinot Noir Lazarus Willamette Valley, $19

This budget-friendly pinot is ready to drink and full of juicy, ripe fruit flavors. Uncomplicated, pretty, and with enough earthiness and complexity to keep things exciting, this clear, unfussy wine is a great choice for fall.


Domaine Serene

2007 Pinot Noir Evenstad Reserve Dundee Hills, $58

The latest vintage of Domaine Serene's flagship wine leaps out of the glass with scents of cherry, raspberry, and toasted spices. Silky tannins, a smooth, long finish, and a savory edge make this a lovely bottle for easy drinking and food pairing.


Et Fille

2009 Pinot Noir Maresh Vineyard Dundee Hills, $42

The storied Maresh Vineyard has been producing quality pinot noir grapes since 1984, and continues to lend the balanced strength of old vines to Et Fille's 2009 vintage. Bright tannins draw out flavors of red cherries, black currants, and plums.