Upright Six

A dark rye that delivers a lightning strike of complementary flavors dominated by caramel and peppery citrus notes.

Also try: Heater Allen Schwarz Lager

Full Sail Session Black

Genius marketing aside—we love the stubby bottle—this is a top-notch lager that delivers subtle flavor waves you’d expect in smaller-batch beers.

Also try: Widmer W’10 Pitch Black IPA

Alameda Black Bear XX Stout

Smooth, with rich mocha flavors, this cuddly cub of a stout nuzzles tongues with a milky mix of molasses, toasted nuts, and bitter dark chocolate.

Also try: Mt Hood Brewing Hogsback Stout

Heater Allen Coastal Lager

Zippy Cascade hops and wild spice notes reined in by a placid coalition of German and British malts make this a true utility player in your fridge’s rotation.

Also try: Organic HUB Lager

Widmer Deadlift Imperial IPA

Taming potent, citrusy New Zealand-sourced hops—and an 8.6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV)—with sweet malt notes is proof that Widmer still innovates on a large scale.

Also try: Double Mountain Hop Lava

Bridgeport Blue Heron Pale Ale

First brewed in 1987 as a tribute to Portland’s Audubon Society chapter, this pale ale continues to soar with a crisp and refreshing hop-light bite.

Also try: Alameda Klickitat Pale Ale

Cascade Gose

Proffered by Cascade Brewing, the Gose has a modest alcohol content with hints of honey, lemon, and lavender.

Also try: McMenamins Ruby

Golden Valley Red Thistle

An addictive, sweet amber with a velvety mouthfeel and toasted toffee taste.

Also try: Hair of the Dog Ruth

Lompoc Proletariat Red

Coppery red with subtle cherry and plum attributes balanced on a solid foundation of malt.

Also try: Laurelwood Free Range Red

Laurelwood Workhorse IPA

Hoppy as hell, but with enough malt on the back end and a burly 7.5 percent ABV to avoid the dreaded “bitter-beer blanch.”

Also try: Fearless Scottish Ale

Hair of the Dog Fred Golden Strong Ale

At 10 percent ABV, Fred is no pushover. Still, the sweet and chewy body includes a sturdy dose of hops and fruit flavors.

Also try: Lompoc Special Draft

Hopworks Deluxe Organic Ale

It’s a testament to brewer Christian Ettinger’s skills that this strong ale is so evenly balanced. Perfectly poised between bitter and bready; muscle and malt; fruit, flower, and earth.

Also try: Amnesia ESB