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The Law that Changed Oregon's Beer Culture Forever

Thirty years ago, a political battle made the craft brew revolution possible.

  • By Peter Holmstrom
  • Published 06/22/2015
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What Portlanders Really Think About Oregon Beer

We asked about 850 of our readers about the state's unofficial beverage. Here's what we discovered.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 06/22/2015
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A Portland Beer Expert Shares Lessons from Belgium

Studying to become a "Certified Cicerone"—the beer equivalent of a sommelier—Lucy Burningham takes notes for local brewers.

  • By Lucy Burningham
  • Published 06/22/2015
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9 Must-Try Pints at the Portland International Beerfest

The founder of the fest picks his most sophisticated suds.

  • By Ramona DeNies
  • Published 05/26/2015
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How McMenamins Pioneered Beervana

Some tasty tidbits from the ubiquitous pub on every corner

  • By Brian Yaeger and Rachel Davidson
  • Published 05/26/2015
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Beer and Hiking...A Match Made in Heaven!

This summer, beer lovers and brewers will draw inspiration from Oregon nature.

  • By Rachel Sandstrom
  • Published 05/21/2015
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Bring Beer Cocktails Home with an Innovative New Bar Book

Jacob Grier blends brews and booze in Cocktails on Tap

  • By Kelly Clarke
  • Published 04/01/2015
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The Suds of March: 5 New Portland Beer Destinations

Raise a pint at the city's freshest hop operations, from IPA altruists to Chinese lager masters.

  • By Brian Yaeger
  • Published 03/02/2015
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Portland’s First Female Head Brewer Talks Fermentation, Culinary School, and Anheuser-Busch

10 Barrel Brewing's Whitney Burnside has climbed to beer ladder from Laurelwood to Upright to Elysian to Pelican. Now, she talks about her biggest challenge yet.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 03/02/2015
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North Drinkware Puts Mt Hood in a Pint Glass

A Portland trio's Kickstarter wants to drown Mt. Hood in your favorite beer.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 02/04/2015
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