The Commons Brewery Tasting Room | 1810 SE 10th Ave, unit e

You can find Michael Wright’s award-winning beers on sale at high-end markets like New Seasons and Zupan’s these days, but nothing beats pulling up a chair at the tasting room, conveniently located smack-dab in the middle of the seven-barrel brewery itself. There’s a bar just big enough for eight taps, a couple of small tables with a few chairs each, and abundant barrels for leaning on. There’s a chalkboard, but no menus and no happy hours, and you may find yourself chatting up a weary brewer, like head man Sean Burke, as he removes gloves and boots after another day on the job. Buy him a beer. Or maybe he’ll buy you one. 

You’re Drinking: The Urban Farmhouse Ale, which took bronze at last year’s World Beer Cup, is a lovely Belgian-style brew that bristles with honey and lemon notes.