ESB, Amber, Red & Brown Ales 

Ashland Amber | Caldera Brewing Co, Ashland

A bready, slightly honeyish brew with a mellow, herbaceous tang, this isn’t a complex beer—but it is super-smooth and satisfying on cool Oregon summer nights. 5.4% ABV

Red War | Double Mountain Brewery,Hood River

Using yeast from famed southern Belgian brewery Brasserie d’Achouffe, this burly scarlet brew has ample fruitiness and complexity, and finishes pleasantly dry. 8.4% ABV

FS Pub Series Brown  | Full Sail Brewing Co, Hood River

Released as part of the limited, seasonal “Pub Series,” this spring nut brown ale has clean, pecan-like flavors and a pleasantly spicy, hoppy finish. 6% ABV 

Kill Devil Brown | Widmer Brothers Brewing, Portland

Caribbean mainstays like blackstrap molasses and palm sugar amp up this approximately English-style brown aged in Puerto Rican rum barrels and spiced with fruity Calypso hops. 9.5% ABV 


Farmhouse, Saison & other Belgian Ales

Quick Wit | Fort George Brewing Co, Astoria

To the classic, unfiltered Belgian wit (or “white,” made with wheat, coriander, and orange zest), these bold coastal brewers add bright lemongrass and elderflower. 5.2% ABV

Urban Farmhouse | The Commons Brewery, Portland

The accolades just keep coming for this little Southeast Portland operation. A traditional saison, this mellow brew pours bright gold, with floral overtones and a dry, lip-smacking finish. 5.3% ABV

Seizoen Bretta | Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales, Hood River

With a gold medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, this earthy, complex Belgian-style farmhouse ale set a new national standard. 8% ABV

Flemish Kiss | The Commons Brewery, Portland

The kiss in question: Brettanomyces, a wild yeast prized by Belgian brewers, which gives this dry, flowery pale ale an earthy kick. 6.5% ABV

Golden Farmhouse Ale | Ambacht Brewing, Hillsboro

Former beekeeper Tom Kramer named his little brewery the Dutch word for “handmade.” His spritzy, dark straw-gold saison is yeasty with a kiss of blackberry honey. 6.5% ABV

Wild, Wood-Aged & Sour 

Gose | Upright Brewing Co, Portland

Say “goes” and walk into history with this obscure, nearly extinct northern German style, subtly seasoned with salt and coriander. It’s tart, Champagne-like, and überrefreshing. 5.2% ABV

Ching Ching | Bend Brewing Co, Bend

This tart Berliner Weisse beer is accented with hibiscus and pomegranate purée, imparting a gorgeous, rosy-pink hue and mouthwatering, lemony, pink-grapefruit taste. 4.5% ABV

Sahalie  | The Ale Apothecary, Bend

Brewer Paul Arney’s vinous, Belgian-style pale ale is a tour de force, with intriguing layers of earthy, angular flavors derived from wild yeasts. 9.3% ABV

Ferme de la’ Ville Provision | Block 15 Brewing Co, Corvallis

This small-batch annual is an opulently bright and fruity saison-style beer that’s been barrel-aged, imparting wine-like acidity and subtle hints of vanilla and oak. 6.75% ABV

Vlad the Imp-Aler | Cascade Barrel House, Portland

Vlad is among the most sought after of Cascade’s pucker-inducing brews, with tart angles akin to green apple and lemon balanced by warming, woody bourbon notes and spice. 10.3% ABV

Adam From the Wood | Hair of the Dog Brewing Co, Portland

Founder Alan Sprints’s first commercial beer, Adam, still leads his pack, especially this ruddy brown, brewpub-only version aged in buttery American oak barrels, which deepen the flavors of leather, caramel, and smoke. 12% ABV

The Dissident | Deschutes Brewery, Bend

This lusciously tart, wine-like occasional release is loosely modeled after oud bruin, or “old brown,” ales of Belgium. It tends to be copper-hued, with sour and earthy notes derived from ample use of cherries and wild yeasts in oak wine casks. 11.4% ABV