You may be able to increase the money you pocket through some rudimentary strategies, but you’ll need luck on your side to win big here.


House advantage: up to 2%
Played at: all Oregon casinos
The object is to draw cards that total 21 without going over (busting).
Tip: Always stand (refuse more cards) if you have a hard (no aces) total of 17 or more. Go to to learn the 45-rule strategy.


House advantage: 0.6–1.4%
Played at: Chinook Winds, The Mill, Seven Feathers, Spirit Mountain, Three Rivers, Wildhorse
Player rolls dice hoping for specific combinations. Everyone else bets on the table.
Tip: Avoid proposition bets (one-roll bets that the dice will show the number you chose). House edge: 16.7%.


House advantage: 2.6–5.3%
Played at: Chinook Winds, The Mill, Seven Feathers, Spirit Mountain, Three Rivers, Wildhorse
The object is to predict the next winning number.
Tip: Finding a wheel with only one zero (lowers house edge to 2.7%) or the surrender rule in which only half your bet is lost on zero (lowers house edge to 1.4%).


House advantage: 0.32%
Played at: Spirit Mountain, Wildhorse
Uses two decks instead of the six- and eight-deck games that have become the norm.
Tip: Double down on 9 against dealer’s 2 through 6, or on 10 against 2 through 9, and on all 11s.


House advantage: 0.5–3%
Played everywhere
Insert cash and choose your favorite poker game. Just don’t expect your people-reading skills to give you the upper-hand.
Tip: Take your time to make your move. The machine won’t care if you dawdle.


House advantage: 0.40–0.76%
Played at: The Mill, Wildhorse
Like blackjack, but with more ways to win. Uses a Spanish deck of 48 cards; face cards count as 10, but there are no numerical 10s.
Tip: If you have a hard 17, surrender against an ace. Stand against all other cards except 6 or higher when the dealer is showing an 8, 9, or 10.


House advantage: 5–10%
Played everywhere
Pull the lever, cross your fingers, and hope that the wheels land on three matching symbols (or another winning combination).
Tip: A slot machine is never “due” for a jackpot.