The Panel

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Judy Peppler serves as the state president of Qwest. She has worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 22 years and serves on the boards of the Portland Business Alliance, New Leadership Oregon, the Oregon Women’s Forum, and the Portland Schools Foundation.

Orcilia Forbes began her career as a public school nurse and eventually became vice president for university advancement at Oregon Health & Science University. She retired in 2004, and is currently chairman of the board of trustees for the Meyer Memorial Trust.

Karla Chambers and her husband, Bill, founded Stahlbush Island Farms Inc in the 1980s. Today they grow spinach, broccoli, marionberries and blackberries, boysenberries, black raspberries, and corn—and they use a biodigester to generate twice the energy they use.

Maria Wulff is president of the World Affairs Council of Oregon and serves on the board of directors of the World Affairs Councils of America. For more than 20 years, she was the managing director of a Philippines-based company that produced goods for worldwide distribution.