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Thumbnail for - #DWPDX: You Can Tour These Eight Gems of New Portland Architecture
Sep 29, 2014
Step inside the bold designs that are changing the face of close-in Portland.
Thumbnail for - Laika's <i>The Boxtrolls</i> Premieres, And So Does A New Nike Boxtroll Shoe
Sep 26, 2014
The highly anticipated 3D animated film is finally here, and the Oregon-based studio is celebrating with a new Boxtroll-themed Nike sneaker.
Thumbnail for - #DWPDX: What Buildings Define Portland?
Sep 26, 2014
A Design Week event featuring a city-planning powerhouse and Portlandia's art director looks at how bricks and mortar make a city's identity.
Thumbnail for - From the White House to the Playhouse, One Portland Student's Journey
Sep 24, 2014
After performing at the White House with Sarah Jessica Parker, 9-year-old Sinai La’ryn Jones returns home to perform in 'The Piano Lesson' at Portland Playhouse. Sept 24–Nov 2
Thumbnail for - Top Things to Do This Weekend: Sept 25-28
Sep 24, 2014
The Boxtrolls opens; the city's ambitious new music fest, Project Pabst, kicks off; the art museum gets wacky; and Penny Lane tells you all about the glory days in 'Almost Famous.'
Thumbnail for - 5 Must-See Bands At Project Pabst
Sep 24, 2014
The brand new music fest features a line-up of 42 acts over 3 nights, including Tears for Fears, Modest Mouse, and Violent Femmes. Here's our shortlist of five must-see bands.
Thumbnail for - What to Expect at the First Ever Project Pabst—Plus, Win Passes
Sep 23, 2014
The Milwaukee brewery sends a love letter to PDX: a three-day music fest. We get the lowdown from the organizers and give away weekend passes.
Thumbnail for - Going Solo: A Fall Concert Preview
Sep 23, 2014
Some of our favorite bands find new life as solo outings—Bob Mould, GZA, Julian Casablancas—that are coming through town this season.
Thumbnail for - XRAY.fm Radio Expands to 107.1 FM
Sep 22, 2014
Portland's upstart radio station starts broadcasting on 107.1 FM on Sept 22, taking over the frequency from KZME and greatly expanding its reach. It also will expand its programming.
Thumbnail for - Time-Based Art Festival Field Guide: Closing Weekend
Sep 19, 2014
Need help navigating the citywide cavalcade of performance? Look no further than our guide for top shows and up-to-date reviews. Sept 11–21
Listing 41 - 50 of 1684 Results