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Thumbnail for - Sarah Vowell
May 16, 2011
noted & quoted
Who: renowned nonfiction/history humorist | Where: Bagdad | When: Recent PDX reading of her new book, Unfamiliar Fishes. "It’s weird to be here, because about 20 years ago, I used to work at the...
Thumbnail for - Barak Marshall
May 14, 2011
On Tuesday, White Bird Dance will present Barak Marshall’s MONGER, a dynamic physical-theater piece that depicts a group of servants scrapping and scuttling to please their abusive mistress....
Thumbnail for - Storm Tharp at The Lumber Room
May 12, 2011
Over the last decade, Sarah Miller Meigs has quietly put together one of the region’s most thoughtful contemporary art collections. Now, for a rare public opening of her beautiful Pearl District...
Thumbnail for - Preview: Uncanny Valley
May 10, 2011
culture cheat-sheet
“uncanny valley,” the scientific theory They may be tough as titanium, but robots have a weak spot when it comes to making friends. The “uncanny valley” theory of robotics describes the problem:...
Thumbnail for - Dave Depper
May 9, 2011
noted & quoted
Who: Musician | Where: Doug Fir | When: Sat, May 7 | What: a blowout Paul McCartney tribute show "Thank you! That’s a little song I wrote for my good friend John Lennon."
Thumbnail for - Monday Fun: Harvey Danger
May 9, 2011
monday fun
Many bands only get one hit, one chance to deliver a thought to the world—and many songwriters sadly squandor their soapbox on musings like “Do you like piña coladas?” or “Who let the dogs out?”...
Thumbnail for - Best Mother’s Day Dates
May 5, 2011
weekend plans
What do you get the mother who has everything? “Perishables and trinkets,” say experts. “Soap. Candles. Candy. Perfume. Or brunch.” But let’s assume your mother already smells fine, and isn’t...
Thumbnail for - Ron Funches
May 5, 2011
noted & quoted
Who: Portland-based Comedian Where: Tonic Lounge When: Wednesday, May 4   "I saw this guy with a tattoo that said, ‘F- Linda.’ And I thought, ‘That guy does NOT like Linda very...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: First Acts Announced
May 3, 2011
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (aka PICA) is kicking into gear once again for its 10-day late-summer festival, the Time-Based Art Festival (aka TBA. Know your Portland art abbreviations,...
Thumbnail for - Music Videos: Thao + Mirah | Reggie Watts | Kasey Anderson
May 2, 2011
monday fun
Over the weekend, Northwest-based Reggie Watts made Vimeo Picks with this display of his virtuosic one-man-band stylings. As we face the week, Bretheren, let us all take inspiration from Watts’...
Listing 1271 - 1280 of 1842 Results