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Thumbnail for - Slideshow: Waterfront Blues Festival
Jul 6, 2011
Last weekend, Portland’s 24th annual Waterfront Blues Festival turned Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park into a writhing whirlpool of dancing humanity. By 10pm on Monday, the event had raked in $726,000...
Thumbnail for - Review: Mary Poppins
Jul 3, 2011
BROADWAY BUFFS, TAKE CHEER! Broadway’s Mary Poppins has an awful lot to offer audiences. It’s a visual stunner and a song-and-dance sensation, and Stephanie Lee does a flawless incarnation of...
Thumbnail for - Casting for a Wild Flag Video & Portlandia
Jul 1, 2011
news flash
Want to be an extra in a Wild Flag music video? How about the second season of Portlandia? Eden Dawn has the juicy details about the casting calls, today on Shop Talk. For more about Portland...
Thumbnail for - Summer Shakespeare: An Abridged Field Guide
Jul 1, 2011
You know it will hardly be summer if you don’t, at some point, see some Shakespeare. Whether that means a pilgrimage to Ashland’s vaunted halls, a night out at Artists Rep, or simply unfolding...
Thumbnail for - Shook Twins
Jun 28, 2011
concert tip
Portland, between sips of frothy latté, you know you love a taste of Apalachian-style Americana. Allow us to present the twin patrician prettiness, and the crystal-clear, symmetrical harmonies of...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: PAM Awards John Grade
Jun 21, 2011
According to Portland Art Museum, John Grade ‘s sculptures are "rigorous conceptual framework articulated by beautiful and elaborate sculptural forms." But to insects and birds, they’re food! Last...
Thumbnail for - Viva Voce’s New Album
Jun 21, 2011
tune in
Those of you who read regularly may remember that we made Viva Voce the subject of our usual Monday Fun just a couple weeks ago—little realizing that they were on the cusp of a new release....
Thumbnail for - How The Fire Fell: A Literal "Cult Film"
Jun 20, 2011
How, indeed. The fire falls on Maren Mcguire’s chiseled cheekbones with mingled severity and grace, as Joe Haege launches unending spitting tirades of passionate rage, the words of which are...
Thumbnail for - Happy Pride!
Jun 17, 2011
Okay okay. Here at Culturephile, we didn’t do a lot of prep for 2011 Pride (unless seeing Cirque du Soleil counts). Hence, for the lowdown on Pride festivities, we suggest you go directly to...
Thumbnail for - Review: Dralion
Jun 16, 2011
cirque du critique
By now, it’s common knowledge that Cirque du Soleil has a lot of tricks up its sleeve—from credulity-straining contortionism to death-defying trapeze leaps. But technique alone can’t be credited...
Listing 1251 - 1260 of 1849 Results