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Thumbnail for - Portland Zine Reader’s Guide
Aug 6, 2011
read up
This weekend, Refuge PDX (SE 1st and Yamhill) will host Zine Symposium, a convention for self-publishers and small publishers who produce the old-fashioned kind of hand-held reading...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: First Thursday
Aug 4, 2011
Well, friends, it’s another sunny First Thursday, positively perfect for traipsing the art-walk. Here are a few exhibits we can’t wait to lay eyes on—and for those who absolutely can’t wait, a...
Thumbnail for - Album Release: Rachel Taylor Brown
Jul 28, 2011
rey of light
The name “Rachel Taylor Brown” may ring a bell from our March issue, or from our prior posting of this video: {% display:image for:post image:2 align:right width:100 %} Well, the singer’s hotly...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: PDX Pop Now! 2011
Jul 26, 2011
As Lovers had just finished their set on Friday, a girl in a floral print romper and a boy with a Jedi rat-tail and jorts strode by holding hands. A woman whose pants might best be described as...
Thumbnail for - Review: Trek in the Park
Jul 25, 2011
In Woodlawn Park last Saturday afternoon, Trekkies laid down blankets, read books and discussed the use of the Moog Theremin. A woman playing a Star Trek themed version of “Uno” slapped down a...
Thumbnail for - 7 PDX Pop Picks
Jul 21, 2011
The 8th Annual PDX POP NOW festival is poised to take the weekend by storm (though hopefully in some sunshine), with a nonstop onslaught of free, all-ages shows from some of the best local...
Thumbnail for - A Movable Metal Menagerie
Jul 20, 2011
Check out local gearhead Chris Cole ‘s kinetic sculptures (below). If you visit Werks Gallery, they’ll let you turn the hand-crank yourself, allowing these metal monsters to spring to life. For...
Thumbnail for - My Mind Is Like an Open Meadow
Jul 18, 2011
Erin Leddy’s solo performance art piece, premiered by Hand2Mouth Theatre and reprised last weekend at Headwaters Theater, had already been widely praised but can scarcely be over-sold....
Thumbnail for - Jay Clarke’s Instrumental Impulses
Jul 18, 2011
promo pile gold
UPDATE: We’ve just learned that Jay’s music is included in Erin Leddy’s award-winning My Mind Is Like an Open Meadow, just reprised at the 1 Festival, a solo artist showcase coordinated by July’s...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: July Gallery Goods
Jul 11, 2011
Last week, Culturephile suggested some works you might go see at first Thursday. Today, we offer a recap, with a few snapshots of works we did see, that stood out. Click through the slideshow...
Listing 1231 - 1240 of 1842 Results