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Thumbnail for - Oregon Symphony’s In The Black
Nov 7, 2011
an upnote
The Oregon Symphony’s Board of Directors approved audited financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2011 which show that the season produced a net surplus of $192,000. The financial...
Thumbnail for - OBT’s Nutcracker Recipe Contest
Nov 7, 2011
delicious dance
This week, the OBT blog will feature a batch of Nutcracker -inspired recipes , like sugarplums for the Sugarplum Fairy, marzipan for the Marzipan Shepherdess, Marzipan, and yes, even the very...
Thumbnail for - 5 Questions for John Cameron Mitchell
Nov 5, 2011
flipping the 'wig
What did you dress as for Halloween? As a retired drag queen who’s settled into a middle-aged lesbian lifestyle. Flannel and comfortable shoes. Your last Mattachine party in Portland was, by all...
Thumbnail for - Oklahoma! Closing Thoughts
Nov 4, 2011
theater review
It’s been just over a month since Portland Mercury’s review of Portland Center Stage’s all-black Oklahoma! sent the winds of critical discussion sweeping down the plane. Noah Dunham contended...
Thumbnail for - Siren Nation Expands Its Borders
Nov 4, 2011
the 51%
When you hear the words “women’s music,” what springs to mind? For many music consumers, the term conjures a slew of stereotypes: Lesbian. Folk. Coffeeshop, background, sentimental,...
Thumbnail for - Sufjan at Hollywood Theatre Tonight!
Nov 3, 2011
"cloud rock," indeed
Sufjan In The House Well, well. Between last month’s James Franco appearance and today’s arrival of Sufjan Stevens, it seems like The Hollywood Theatre’s become quite a mooring point for...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Nov 2, 2011
Contemporary Target Language at Appendix @ 937 Andrew Norman Wilson, Anne de Vries, Harm van den Dorpel, and Oliver Laric have something in common: bold recontextualization of prior...
Thumbnail for - Dia de los Muertos 2011
Nov 1, 2011
la musica
* Mariachi singer Edna Vazquez, featured in our November issue, will soon resume her quest for glory on Spanish-language TV. But before she flies away, Luz Elena Mendoza (of Y La Bamba acclaim)...
Thumbnail for - LAIKA Shares "ParaNorman" Trailer
Oct 29, 2011
The makers of Coraline and partial credit claimants of Nightmare Before Christmas will continue their spooky streak in August 2012 with ParaNorman, a zombie flick penned by Coraline ’s lead...
Thumbnail for - Halloween Happenings Guide
Oct 28, 2011
ghostly goings-on
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Listing 991 - 1000 of 1684 Results