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Thumbnail for - Guggenheim Curator Visits YU
Oct 5, 2011
art talk
Suzanne Cotter, curator of the Guggenheim Museum’s Abu Dhabi division, will speak at YU tonight about her general philosophies and particular experience in art curation—and the fledgling gallery...
Thumbnail for - Wordstock 2011 Preview
Oct 4, 2011
read up
Don’t you dare mistake Wordstock for a mere “book fair.” Our city’s annual celebration of all things writerly has always been something much more nebulous and stimulating, and it continues to...
Thumbnail for - Talkdemonic Album Release
Oct 4, 2011
portland rocks
Those of us who’ve been kicking around the Portland music scene for 10 years or so already know Talkdemonic, and may have even had to explain to our fretting moms that no, they don’t actually...
Thumbnail for - James Franco’s Private River
Oct 2, 2011
film school
River Phoenix’s disheveled pompadour, furrowed brow, and guilty sidelong glances. Keanu Reeves’ puppyish open-mouthed grin as the wind ruffles his feathery mane. Recut by doe-eyed fanboy turned...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: There’s Still Time
Sep 28, 2011
Although the 10-day TBA intensive has wrapped, exhibits at The Works run through October 30, with a lot of different live events, including artist talks, musical events, and open rehearsals....
Thumbnail for - Craig Thompson Releases New Title
Sep 28, 2011
Last night, graphic novelist Craig Thompson regaled a packed Pearl Room at Powell’s Books with a detailed slide show and a few words about his newest title, Habibi, an Arabesque epic that...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Zoe | Juniper
Sep 27, 2011
notes from the otherworld
Adorned with white paper booties, I stepped into the alternative world of the Zoe/ Juniper installation: a world brimming beauty, juxtaposed with momentous fits of passion and pain. Upon...
Thumbnail for - MFNW and TBA: Why Make Us Choose?
Sep 26, 2011
Hi, Musicfest. Hi, TBA. I know the last few weeks have been hectic for you, but now that the flurry of activity has blown over, let’s talk. What are all these townsfolk doing here with me, you...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Miwa Matreyek’s Silhouette Sorcery
Sep 20, 2011
eye want candy
Once Miwa Matreyek steps behind a screen, her shadow self awakes and traverses sparkling other-worlds. If you missed her at The Works last Tuesday, feast your eyes on this video: Not exactly...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: What Mike Daisey Did
Sep 19, 2011
taking stock
1. Did not set a public speaking endurance record—though his audience probably set a record for secular, voluntary attendance. First, we should say that Daisey never stated an intention to...
Listing 991 - 1000 of 1654 Results