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Thumbnail for - Review: Race
Mar 22, 2012
black & white thinking
ENDS APRIL 8 David Mamet doesn’t so much talk about Race, as he talks about talking about it. And though his black and white characters brashly air the dirty laundry of not only themselves but...
Thumbnail for - Talks by Two Photographers Who Document the Otherworldly on Earth
Mar 22, 2012
to boldly go...
If Portland’s endless drizzle has you feeling claustrophobic, there’re two opportunities this week to be transported to entirely different, beautifully alien landscapes—one flush with majestic...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Portland Bands at SXSW
Mar 21, 2012
In a blur of beer and youthful enthusiasm, the annual Austin indie-rock stampede known as "South by Southwest," "SXSW," or simply "South by," has now officially subsided. While the most...
Thumbnail for - Raincoats Live
Mar 20, 2012
MAR 17 For a band of women best known for a few albums in the early ‘80s, the Raincoats remain shockingly vital. Last Saturday, Decked out in their signature mid-80’s eclectica (gold sequins, a...
Thumbnail for - Review: The Shins Port of Morrow
Mar 20, 2012
   If you’re looking to rekindle your youthful love affair with The Shins’ introspective and angst-riddled pop that burned so brightly in the summer of 2001, their upcoming album Port of...
Thumbnail for - The Agony and the Ecstasy of Mike Daisey
Mar 19, 2012
sour apple
Originally published March 16, 2012 at 5pm. Reposted here with addendum. We recently blogged about monologuist Mike Daisey making the transcript to his one-man show about Apple and Steve Jobs,...
Thumbnail for - NPR Loves Portland: Interviews Both The Shins and Esperanza Spalding
Mar 18, 2012
radio stars
NPR continues its Portland lovefest. After World Cafe spent the week in Portland, NPR devoted this weekend’s big music stories to two Portland artists. Yesterday, All Things Considered gave 11...
Thumbnail for - Review: Kidd Pivot’s Dark Matters
Mar 17, 2012
tearing down the house
Despite drawing inspiration from an unseen element physicists postulate to make their model of the universe work, the dancers in Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM’s new performance, Dark Matters, at the...
Thumbnail for - Video Interview with Visionary Sculptor/Filmmaker John Frame
Mar 15, 2012
Fantastic Mr. Frame
The Rothko exhibit may be getting most the press, but upstairs at the Portland Art Museum is an equally spectacular exhibit, albeit of a different world entirely. Inspired by a dream, the...
Thumbnail for - LiveWire! 100th Live Show
Mar 15, 2012
it's... it's...
It’s hard to believe our little variety radio show that could is hitting the hundred-show mark. Seems like it was just yesterday that they were teaching us for the first time to chant along with...
Listing 991 - 1000 of 1774 Results