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Thumbnail for - Sallie Ford Debuts New Songs
Jan 10, 2012
spy ops
At The Woods’ closing weekend festivities, Portland’s rockabilly sweetheart premiered several new tunes, announcing “We’re about to go into the studio soon, guys.” While we resisted the urge to...
Thumbnail for - Eulogy for The Woods
Jan 5, 2012
ashes to ashes
This Friday is your last official chance to mourn the loss and celebrate the life of former Sellwood funeral home The Woods, a venue that’s spent the last 3 years putting Portland club-goers on...
Thumbnail for - Review: West Side Story
Jan 5, 2012
play it cool
We all know the story: Maria and Tony love each other, the Sharks and the Jets hate each other, and it all culminates (like the Shakespearean tragedy it reprises) in a handful of regrettable...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: First Thursday Sampler
Jan 5, 2012
  Glasswork Facture: Artists at the Forefront of Painterly Glass at Bullseye Gallery A group exhibition surveys a relatively rare "painterly" approach the medium, in which drips, daubs and melded...
Thumbnail for - In Praise of Auld Lang Syne
Dec 31, 2011
Culturephile spent 2011 publishing a slew of reviews , a handful of interviews , and a cluster of overviews. In the arts we covered, we tried to be unbiased and observant, to bring added insight...
Thumbnail for - PAM’s Japanese Prints: A Fleeting Glimpse
Dec 29, 2011
They’ve been on view for a while now, but suddenly you’ve got less than a month left to see these rare and incredibly interesting Japanese prints at Portland Art Museum. <<Click the image to...
Thumbnail for - 6 Magical Children&rsquo;s Plays
Dec 22, 2011
Mess around as we may with charity galas and Secret Santas, the holiday season tends to be a time for family and a chance to bring some magic into children’s lives. But what do you do with loved...
Thumbnail for - Review: Angels in America
Dec 21, 2011
deep freeze
One wants to move through life with elegance and grace, blossoming infrequently but with exquisite taste, and perfect timing, like a rare bloom, a zebra orchid… Twirling hypnotically in a black...
Thumbnail for - Happy Hanukkah from The Klezmatics
Dec 20, 2011
While Christendom has 5 more days to wait, the ancient and mystical holiday of Hanukkah will begin tonight at sundown. Let these videos, or the real Klezmetics concert later today, help put you in...
Thumbnail for - Portlandia: It&rsquo;s Ba-ack&#8230;
Dec 16, 2011
tune in
DJ Night Last year around this time, the inaugural flickers of Portlandia pronounced our town “a place young people go to retire,” and the abiding home base of “the dream of the 90’s,” aka a...
Listing 991 - 1000 of 1717 Results