Editor’s Note: I’m reposting this video because the Portland Art Museum has extended the John Frame exhibition (along with Rothko) to Memorial Day, and Frame will be back in town to mingle with visitors then from 1–2:30. This after flying him up for six sold out behind the scenes tour because his exhibition has proved so popular, and it’s well worth getting the tour first hand—there’s magic in watching him bring the puppets to life. I hear he’s even mentioned the possibility of moving here. It’s hard to resist all our love.

Also, the museum’s free tonight from 5–8.

The Rothko exhibit may be getting most the press, but upstairs at the Portland Art Museum is an equally spectacular exhibit, albeit of a different world entirely. Inspired by a dream, the California-based sculptor and filmmaker John Frame, who’s had retrospectives at the likes of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, created a dark, whimsical world unto his own, where sculpted characters blend human parts with animal and machine. Slowly, he’s bringing the characters to life in a stop motion animated film, playing sculptor, cinematographer, set designer, and composer. It’s an exhibition not to be missed, particularly if you’re a fan of Tim Burton, DreamWorks, LAIKA, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or the like.

Frame walked me around the exhibit before it opened to talk about the world he’s created and his experience jumping from sculpture to stop-motion animation. I’ve paired his interview with photos of his sculptures and excerpts from his film.

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