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Thumbnail for - MFNW Picks: Town Criers
Sep 9, 2010
David Bazan The voice of this former frontman of Seattle’s Pedro The Lion, holds a permanent place in the Culturephile Memory Bank. During one crowded college show, circa ‘99, the timbre and...
Thumbnail for - MFNW Picks: World-FamousPortland Post-Rockers
Sep 9, 2010
Menomena Militantly unique, ingeniously intricate, and devoted to expanding the parameters of any media they encounter (their debut album packaging famously featured an origami foldout monster),...
Thumbnail for - MFNW Picks: 90’s Icons
Sep 9, 2010
Shonen Knife This all-girl Japanese band made a transcontinental splash in the 90’s with their rockin’ pop sensibilities, their matching outfits, and their unique choice of subject matter: almost...
Thumbnail for - MFNW Picks: Modern? Classic.
Sep 9, 2010
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside The last time we heard from pipes like Sallie’s, backed by stand-up bass, blues guitar, and a straight-up swing beat, was probably the late 40’s. This is...
Thumbnail for - 5 Questions for Claudia La Rocco
Sep 8, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
For many arts appreciators, Claudia La Rocco needs no introduction. A dance and theater critic for the New York Times who’s covered everything from Baryshnikov to Broadway shows, Ms. La Rocco...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Decemberistically Drawing
Sep 8, 2010
Nationale Gallery Presents Carson Ellis Between her many well-known installments of Decemberists* cover art, and her reported children’s book collaboration with frontman Colin Meloy, Carson Ellis...
Thumbnail for - Food Cart City: Redux
Sep 7, 2010
Video by Michael Cogliantry Pod Perfection Mississippi Marketplace: N Mississippi Ave, south of Skidmore St Garden State, Nuevo Mexico, The Big Egg, Moxie Rx, The Sugar Cube (Find them!) Curated...
Thumbnail for - TBA: In The Works!
Sep 7, 2010
For 350-odd days of the calendar year, the Washington High School building sits blank and boarded. All the ground-level windows are blocked by sheets of plywood, and all the exterior alcoves are...
Thumbnail for - Puppet Slam + Double Theater Feature
Sep 3, 2010
phile under: theater
Come, now, what masques, what dance shall we have, to wear away this long age of three hours between our after-supper and bed-time? What revels are in hand? What music? How shall we beguile the...
Thumbnail for - Xtabay Vintage Celebrates Nine-Year Anniversary
Sep 3, 2010
phile under: fashion
Xtabay Vintage owner Liz Gross is less a shopkeeper, than a vintage-couture curatrix. Wafting around her store with balletic elegance, she can appraise the year, region, maker and craft of each...
Listing 2121 - 2130 of 2759 Results