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Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Shirin Neshat
Sep 14, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
I still remember my first direct encounter with one of Shirin Neshat’s video installations: Tooba, in 2003 at the Asia Society. I was blown away by the combination of its sheer sensuality (at...
Thumbnail for - River House
Sep 13, 2010
Now Read This
In her stirring memoir, River House, Sarahlee Lawrence describes a yearning to return to her rural Oregon home that’s every bit as powerful as was her youthful need to escape it.
Thumbnail for - Grass At My Feet
Sep 13, 2010
Gretchen Flesher Duggan’s "Grass at My Feet" is the winner of the 2010 Wordstock Short Fiction Competition.
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Maria Hassabi
Sep 13, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
“What I want the audience to do is look.” Maria Hassabi, a Cyprus-born, New York-based choreographer with an impressive body of finely-calibrated, nuanced works, is enjoying a post-show...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Zachary Oberzan
Sep 13, 2010
phile under: TBA2010
What do you get when you mix one man, a driving obsession and a 220-square-foot studio apartment in New York? An epic film, of course: Flooding with Love for the Kid, Zachary Oberzan’s...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Elizabeth LeCompte (The Great)
Sep 12, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
I’ve been a professional arts journalist for about a decade now, and I’ve had the great good fortune to have access to hundreds (thousands?) of interesting, talented, famous, weird, delightful,...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: tiny tba w/ Greasy Kid Stuff
Sep 12, 2010
Those kids and their hiphop. Today at the Greasy Kid Stuff-hosted kids’ disco, while Bhangra rhythms got the party started, it was Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s I Gotta Be Me, complete with a...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: The Art of Performance Curation
Sep 12, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
Most people probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how a given performance makes its way from studio to stage, and what happens to that art once it’s had its (usually very short) run....
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Ten Tiny Dances
Sep 12, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
The phrase, “in case you missed it,” feels particularly apt for Ten Tiny Dances, which, due to its popularity and rarity, is always packed. Last night was no exception, with one of the three...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Gare St. Lazare Players
Sep 11, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
You never get over your first love. Likewise, it’s pretty hard to stumble back into the world after nearly 90 minutes with Samuel Beckett—love, loathing, something more complicated and in...
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