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Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Claudia La Rocco Returns!
Sep 9, 2011
Hey y’all. Not sure if it will be a triumphant return or not. But whatever, I’m back. Hooray! And now I have to leave. The Portland Monthly offices, that is. Because, you know, this tba schedule...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Pre-Func
Sep 8, 2011
it's about time
It’s that time again. In fact, as you read this, we are zero-some-hundred minutes or less from the opening of PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival, aka TBA . Overnight, a giant banner was unfurled on...
Thumbnail for - MusicFestNW: The Name Game
Sep 7, 2011
rock and roll-call
Buffalo. Horse. Arrow. Kill. Sun. Is it just us, or do current band names read more like captions for ancient cave-paintings than lists of 21st-century talent? Regardless, you’ll have to know...
Thumbnail for - Jared & Brianne Mees
Sep 1, 2011
newsstand companion
Jared and Brianne Mees moved to Portland to build their own empire out of cardboard, indie-rock, and love. And how did that pipe dream pan out? For four years and counting—absolutely fine. In a...
Thumbnail for - Brian & Nikki Weaver
Sep 1, 2011
newsstand companion
“I love her very much even though she makes out with other guys,” jokes Portland Playhouse artistic director Brian Weaver, casting a mischeivous glance at his actress wife Nikki as the two...
Thumbnail for - Charles Noble & Heather Blackburn
Sep 1, 2011
newsstand companion
“A lot of our neighbors ask us to rehearse with the windows open,” says Heather Blackburn, as she and husband Charles Noble share a post-practice snack of coffee and peach-blueberry pie. Indeed,...
Thumbnail for - Jamey Hampton & Ashley Roland
Sep 1, 2011
newsstand companion
Jamey Hampton’s drilling the BodyVox dancers through a set of steps, while his wife Ashley Roland rummages through potential costume pieces and tosses them onto the stage. Then Ashley takes the...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Art In The Pearl
Aug 31, 2011
Gallery aficionados and their artistically inclined offspring will want to check out the varieties of visual art on display at this year’s edition of Art in the Pearl.
Thumbnail for - New Album: Jason Leonard
Aug 24, 2011
unsung hero
It would seem that Portland side-men are the gift that keeps on giving. A month or so back, Culturephile discovered an intriguing instrumental album from Jay Clarke, who normally sojourns on the...
Listing 1581 - 1590 of 2619 Results