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Thumbnail for - Book Review: DIY Magic
Mar 15, 2012
What’s the best way to “magic up” your daily life? If, like Anthony Alvorado, you’ve already found “The Secret” simplistic and Paganism arcane, (and if you secretly chafe at copious homework a la...
Thumbnail for - NPR’s World Cafe Is Trollin’ around the Portland Music Scene
Mar 14, 2012
radio star
World Cafe, a fantastic music program on NPR that OPB sadly doesn’t carry (hello, OPB, do we really need Terry Gross twice a day?), is currently pointing its microphone Portland’s way. For the...
Thumbnail for - Video Preview: Kidd Pivot
Mar 13, 2012
dancing antimatter
Mar 15–17 What would you get if you crossed the puppetry of Being John Malkovich and Broadway’s The Lion King, with the eerie feel of fantasy dance webseries The LXD? Probably something like Kidd...
Thumbnail for - Review: Shakespeare’s R&J
Mar 10, 2012
Shakespeare through new eyes
I’m not a big fan of Romeo and Juliet. Like most, I read it in high school and have seen more traditional productions and adaptations than I care to remember: Romeo and Juliet: The Musical; Romeo...
Thumbnail for - Mike Daisey Spreads Agony/Ecstasy in Free Download
Mar 10, 2012
Monologist Mike Daisey is a well-known personality among Portland arts audiences, and especially fans of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s annual Time-Based Art Festival (or TBA), who...
Thumbnail for - Meet Beyoncé’s Badass Bandleader
Mar 8, 2012
rock out with your frock out
If you think this weekend’s event roster looks…especially “woman-y,” you’re not wrong, and there’s a simple explanation: Today is International Women’s Day , conveniently coinciding with local...
Thumbnail for - Hear New Music from The Shins and The Decemberists
Mar 8, 2012
limited time listen
Two of our biggest local music darlings are bracing to release new albums, and you can currently get sneak previews. The Shins first new album in five years, Port Of Morrow, featuring frontman...
Thumbnail for - Review: Red
Mar 8, 2012
painting the town...
We’re reaching the vibrant red peak of what the mayor may as well declare Mark Rothko Appreciation Month. Portland Art Museum’s 45-piece retrospective of the revolutionary abstract expressionist...
Thumbnail for - Wicked Opens March 14
Mar 7, 2012
editor's pick
“It’s not about aptitude; it’s the way you’re viewed,” sings the Good Witch Glinda to Elphaba, the nascent Wicked Witch of the West. “So it’s very shrewd to be very very popular.” Glinda may as...
Thumbnail for - Dan Savage’s Fierce Tweets
Mar 7, 2012
mocking bird
Outspoken liberal sex columnist and radio persona Dan Savage, who famously brought us the “It Gets Better” campaign and the R-rated second definition of “Santorum,” will be in town this weekend,...
Listing 1581 - 1590 of 2818 Results