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Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: tEEth
Sep 11, 2011
I’m not sure what the capacity of The mOuth at Zoomtopia is, but I’m pretty sure we were way beyond it for tEEth’s Home Made last night. And I can’t even tell you how long the lines were to get...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Andrew Dinwiddie
Sep 11, 2011
First came the record, courtesy of Jimmy Swaggart, circa 1971. And then came the theatrical reinvention, in 2010, courtesy of the creator and performer Andrew Dinwiddie: directed by Jeff Larson,...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: ©ardiff
Sep 10, 2011
more than bargained for
From the get-go, David Eckard’s demeanor was more “Okey dokey” than “Step right up!” He’d gotten a late start setting up his mobile podium, so all eyes were already following his every move as he...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Taylor Mac
Sep 10, 2011
My first marathon day at TBA ended at Clyde Common with a bunch of other folks who’ve flown in for the festival, rehashing the night’s odd-couple doubleheader: the classically trained Indian...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Namasya
Sep 10, 2011
third I
First In flowing white blouse and trousers, she awakes to the moaning flute and whispering rain. She arises, and follows her own arms as they bend like wisps of wheat, sometimes pointing her...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Don’t Worry We’ll Fix It
Sep 9, 2011
the fix is in
Comically oversized rolodex cards, a shelf full of books that have been charred beyond recognition, a file drawer too elongated to be confined to its cabinet, and other select errata combine to...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Claudia La Rocco Returns!
Sep 9, 2011
Hey y’all. Not sure if it will be a triumphant return or not. But whatever, I’m back. Hooray! And now I have to leave. The Portland Monthly offices, that is. Because, you know, this tba schedule...
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: Pre-Func
Sep 8, 2011
it's about time
It’s that time again. In fact, as you read this, we are zero-some-hundred minutes or less from the opening of PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival, aka TBA . Overnight, a giant banner was unfurled on...
Thumbnail for - MusicFestNW: The Name Game
Sep 7, 2011
rock and roll-call
Buffalo. Horse. Arrow. Kill. Sun. Is it just us, or do current band names read more like captions for ancient cave-paintings than lists of 21st-century talent? Regardless, you’ll have to know...
Thumbnail for - Jared & Brianne Mees
Sep 1, 2011
newsstand companion
Jared and Brianne Mees moved to Portland to build their own empire out of cardboard, indie-rock, and love. And how did that pipe dream pan out? For four years and counting—absolutely fine. In a...
Listing 1581 - 1590 of 2625 Results