Three Solos and a Duet


Three Solos and a Duet

Ana Laguna and Mikhail Baryshnikov
Newmark Theatre
October 1-3; 7:30 PM

Dancers’ names rarely transcend the insular world of their chosen medium—unless you’re Mikhail Baryshnikov. The Russian dancer has become an ambassador of sorts, reaching beyond the confines of his own expertise to become a pop-culture icon. Whether it’s his photography, his brief stint as Alexandr Petrovsky on Sex in the City, or his work as the founder and director of the Baryshnikov Arts Center, his name is familiar to young and old alike, even if they know nothing about dance.

Which makes Three Solos and a Duet, a pointedly mature and captivating piece of ballet featuring Baryshnikov and the highly acclaimed Ana Laguna, something of a can’t-miss event. At 61, he continues to awe crowds with his mind-boggling physicality. No doubt, that’s part of the reason why the New York Times described the collection of vignettes as “hardly portraits of a diminished star … rather, they are portraits of the dancer as a mature artist, one with remarkable physical clarity.” —Keri Miller

Bandage a Knife

November 13
Performance Works

Linda Austin’s influences range from Deborah Hay to Charlie Chaplin. Now you can add noir lighting and outrageous imagery of the gangster flick Branded to Kill to the mix. Austin teams up with video artist Seth Nehil to create what should be the fall’s must-see indie dance performance.

Emerald Retrospective

October 10-17
Keller Auditorium

This performance commemorates the first 20 years of Oregon Ballet Theatre, Portland’s most-celebrated dance troupe. First up is George Balanchine’s masterpiece Emeralds, followed by a mash-up of works created by OBT during its first two decades.