Music: The Lost Score

Cappella Romana
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Apr 11 

In April, vocal ensemble Cappella Romana performs the world premiere of Maximilian Steinberg’s Passion Week, the last major sacred work composed in Russia before Stalin cracked down on religious art. “You don’t find a piece of this scale—in terms of its scope and ambition—in the 1920s,” says artistic director Alexander Lingas. So how exactly did such a work disappear for 88 years? We trace the unlikely steps through the first bars of Passion Week’s piano reduction.



Pink Martini and the von Trapps, Dream a Little Dream
The ensemble teams up with the great-grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp—plus Wayne Newton, zookeeper Jack Hanna, and more. It’s like the Justice League of Camp! Mar 4 release; Apr 11–12 with Oregon Symphony

Ages and Ages, Divisionary
The affable septet’s sophomore effort continues the group vocals, handclaps, and infectious grooves that made the debut so catchy, but something slightly darker lurks beneath. Read our preview of the albumMar 25 release; Mar 1 at Mississippi Studios

Black Prairie, Fortune
The group’s usual dizzying survey of Americana has reeled in the bluegrass, klezmer, and Italian film score influences to land more clearly on country, highlighting Annalisa Tornfelt’s sweetly crooning voice. Apr 22 release; May 2 at Aladdin Theater

Musée Mécanique, From Shores of Sleep
In a city where “folk” gets hyphenated with every genre label, this chamber-folk group distinguishes itself by taking time to perfect their lushly orchestrated songs—it’s been five years since their last record. May 6 release (Ed Note: It has since been pushed back to August 26.)