The Location Manager

Who I am: Shaun Gavin, forty-five

Where I live: West Linn

What I do: “I scout locations for movies and show them to the director, who then chooses where he wants to shoot. I make deals with the property owners, and then it’s all logistics from there: permits, police, parking, where to feed the crew, notifying neighborhoods, hauling away the garbage.”

My first big show: “They’re all big when it comes to the amount of work, and Hollywood movies tend to take longer because they can afford it. But one of the first big-budget shows for me was Kevin Costner’s The Postman. I worked on that one all over Oregon for nearly all of 1997.”

How much I make: “Somewhere between rice and beans and filet and lobster. I make a good living when I’m working but have to sock it away for when I’m not.”

How hard I work: “On a feature I usually work sixteen-hour days, six days a week, for about three months at a time. It can be exhausting. I never see my wife, and I spend way too much time in my car.”

Job perks: “Getting paid to look for beautiful scenery isn’t a bad gig. I’ve scouted from airplanes, helicopters, snowmobiles, ATVs, and rubber rafts.”

Worst on-set snafu: “While scouting locations in Astoria for The Ring Two, I was showing the director a forest on the far side of a cow pasture. About halfway across the pasture, my SUV suddenly started sinking into mud. I stepped out, and everyone got a great laugh at seeing me up to my elbows in mud and manure. My rig smelled like a barnyard for about a year.”

Brush with greatness: “I work primarily with the director, so I don’t interact with the actors as much. However, on The Postman Kevin Costner was also the director, so I worked with him extensively. I also met Jennifer Aniston in Management and football great Jerry Rice, who starred in Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling. Both were genuinely nice and an honor to meet.”